The Sedona Energy Vortexes

AIRPORT MESA VORTEX is an electric/masculine vortex. It has been described as inspiring and uplifting. The broader energy pattern of this vortex is said to cover the general area of the three hills alongside the eastern side of Airport Road. A good place to start is the hill just above the parking area. Another popular path is to follow the trail to the left of both this hill and the one to its left, to sit and meditate on the opposite side of the ravine, where the energy is said to be strongest.
Directions: On Highway 89A, travel 1 mile west from the “Y” (junction of 89A & 179) and turn left on Airport Road. Travel for a half-mile and pull into the small dirt parking area on the left hand side of airport road.


BELL ROCK VORTEX is a considered a masculine vortex; which emits an ‘electric’ energy. Reports of feeling uplifted and energized are common, as well as people claiming to feel skin sensitivity or feeling a mild pressure on the body. There are small parking areas off Hwy 179 approximately 5 miles south of the “Y” that lead up the side of Bell Rock. Many people climb partway up the formation without too much difficulty by following the many shelves of rocks at this spot. You can also drive another mile south and pull into the Bell Rock Pathway and hike about ¾ of a mile north on the trail running between 179 and the base of bell rock and meander up vertically at this same spot. This trailhead, also winds around the base of Courthouse Butte.

covers a large area and has been called an electromagnetic vortex; which means it has both masculine and feminine qualities. It has a peaceful sacred energy throughout the canyon area and contains ancient Native American ruins. The Boynton Canyon trail and the Boynton Canyon Vista trail begin at the same trailhead. The Visa Trail is approximately 1/3 of a mile long and goes to the right and up and around the back of a red rock formation with two spires at the top. If you take this trail, look for these two spires and relax in the saddle between, for a nice meditative energy. The Boynton Canyon Trail runs for over three miles and leads into Long Canyon.

Directions: Travel west from the “Y” (junction of 89A & 179) for 3.2 miles and turn right on Dry Creek Road. Drive for 2.9 miles on Dry Creek Road, and make a left at the “T’ intersection onto Boynton Pass Road. After another 1.6 miles, make a right at the next “T” and drive for another few tenths of a mile to enter parking lot on the right.

CATHEDRAL ROCK VORTEX is considered a magnetic/feminine vortex which is both expanding and soothing, helping to create a relaxed feeling throughout the body and mind. The climb to the top, where the saddle offers a terrific view, is a bit difficult at times. This red rock formation is one of the most photographed to represent the Sedona area.
Directions: Travel South from the “Y” for 3.3 miles and turn right onto Back O’ Beyond Rd. Pull off for parking at trailhead in on the left side of the road.
Another popular experience is to approach Cathedral Rock near Red Rock Crossing to enjoy Oak Creek. Directions: Travel west from the “Y” for 4.3 miles and turn left at the traffic light onto Upper Red Rock Loop Rd. Make another left 1.8 miles later onto Chavez Ranch Road. Bear right when the paved road Go about a .4 mile and go to the right, following the paved road for another half-mile before entering Red Rock Crossing Park on your left. Cathedral Rock is on the opposite side of Oak Creek. Red Rock Crossing Park (Crescent Moon Park) entrance fee is $7.00 per car

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, all directions are from the intersection of Highway 89A & Hwy 179

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